Volpa USA Shipping Time & Delivery Info

Shipping & Handling

MTD Vanities will make every effort to adequately deliver all products as indicated by the Dealer. However, MTD Vanities does not assume responsibility or liability on back charges for any loss or damage obtained due to delays or an inability to deliver. This includes but is not limited to the seller’s non-performance that may be caused by acts of war, labor difficulties, accidents, inability to obtain materials, carrier delays, or any other causes of any kind.

The Dealer’s customer must physically inspect the shipment upon delivery before signing any proof of delivery form. It is required to make proper notations regarding the condition of the shipment on the delivery receipt. Notations such as “subject to inspection” or “no obvious damage” are only acceptable if the carrier refuses to allow proper inspection at the time of delivery. The Dealer will still assume full responsibility of the product if an inadequate notation is made.

If the product appears to be significantly damaged, the entire shipment must be refused by the Dealer or Dealer’s customer. The Dealer or Dealer’s customer must take pictures of the damaged shipment. Supporting photos and documents must be emailed to MTD Vanities' customer service at cs@mtdvanities.com.

If any concealed damages are discovered after the delivery driver has left, the Dealer’s customer must report and notify their Dealer immediately. The Dealer then must report and provide supporting evidence to MTD Vanities within 5 days of receipt of shipment. MTD Vanities will then file a claim against the carrier in the event that the Dealer’s customer receives a shipment deemed as concealed damage. It is the Dealer’s responsibility to explain and reiterate to their customer all the procedures and necessary protocol when receiving a

In the event that the Dealer’s customer cannot wait for any claims to be finalized, The Dealer will need to purchase the replacement vanity at the full amount, pay any and all freight charges and corresponding handling fees. The Dealer will be reimbursed for the damaged shipment if the claim decision is in the buyer’s favor once the claims with the freight carrier have been finalized and a resolution has been reached. MTD Vanities does not guarantee a successful claim. Dealers are responsible for paying the shipping cost for any returned items. MTD Vanities will file a claim for all shipping costs reimbursements where applicable.

Dealer and Dealer’s customers must adhere to the shipping and handling terms of this agreement and must know and follow the “Freight Receiving Policy.”

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