Virtu USA Shipping Time & Delivery Info

Shipping and Handling

All of our products and pricings are FOB (Freight On Board) Garden Grove. We will ship the product to you or drop ship to your customer in the Continental 48 United States and Canada and bill you for the shipping charges and any additional fees such as: remote area delivery, storage, and redelivery fees, etc. Consignees living in limited access or limited delivery areas may require additional communications and planning by the consignee. In some cases, the freight may have to be picked up at the shipping carrier’s local terminal or other
location mutually agreed upon by the consignee and shipping carrier. In such special cases, MODERN FITTINGS will not be responsible for any additional coordination, credit to the Dealer or charges from the shipping carrier. Customer arranged pickup is also available with any carrier of your choice. All destination shipments are residential curbside delivery and includes lift gate unless otherwise stated on the purchase order.

Note: Shipping charges are non-refundable.

TRANSIT Important - Shortage & Damage During Transit

This procedure is to ensure that you/your customer receive the package in the same good condition as it has left our warehouse. Following this procedure will hold the carrier responsible for any damages that may occur during transit. The freight carriers will call 24 hours in advanced to schedule a delivery time frame. Please make arrangements to be available to sign for the package or inform authorized personnel of our receiving procedures. Please inspect your order immediately upon arrival before signing for the package. It is your responsibility to inspect the conditions and quantities of your freight prior to signing the delivery receipt. Do not accept the item from the freight carrier if the package arrived heavily damaged. Please inspect the merchandise very carefully before signing. Any damages, outside or inside of the carton, and shortage of package contents must be noted on the delivery slip. Note: If the driver does not allow the proper time for inspecting the package, please write on the delivery slip: "DAMAGED." By signing your name without any notation to the damages (minor or major), you are agreeing on receiving the freight in good condition and exact
quantities. We are not reliable for any minor or major damages that are not noted onto the delivery receipt. Any damage found after signing the package clear of delivery will be a refusal for return. In such case, the  reseller/buyer/receiver must file the claims directly with the Freight Carrier. MODERN FITTINGS will not be held responsible for filing the claims or replacement of the order once the package has been signed clear of delivery without damaged notations. MODERN FITTINGS will assist with any claims issue by providing all proper documentations to expedite the process. Please keep a copy of the delivery slip for your records.


Any lost or damaged freight using your arranged carrier must be filed and claimed against the carrier directly. MODERN FITTINGS will file the claims on behalf of our resellers if and only if the freight is shipped via the carrier assigned by MODEREN FITTINGS. The reseller is responsible for the costs of replacement items to the end users. The claim results will be forwarded to the reseller and reimbursements will be applied to the original invoice accordingly. Please send a minimum of 3 pictures showing the damages to the product and the original shipping carton. All shipping and packaging cartons must be kept for inspection by the carrier. Missing pallet or packaging cartons may result in a denied claim. We will not accept any claims reported after 5 business days of delivery. Returned packages to be stored at MODERN FITTINGS for claims  inspection must be picked up by your company or carrier with 30 days from the first storage day. Items not claimed/picked up from our warehouse after 30 days will become a possession of MODERN FITTINGS and subject to disposal/discard or salvage.

Freight Shipping Terms

Modern Fittings Obligations:

Package the freight properly for shipment: Palletize, strap and wrap.
Retain a specific copy of the pickup Bill of Lading (BOL) showing the exact items being shipped and the box count with the driver’s signature.Attach highlighted receiving instructions per pallet.

Dealer's Obligations:

Notify the consignee of the freight receiving procedures.

Consignee's Obligations:

Do not sign Proof of Delivery until the freight has been fully inspected.

For Visible Damage

- damage that is visible upon delivery including carton damage
Count the # of cartons received on the pallet – does this match the # stated on the BOL External: Have a camera ready and take pictures of the damage carton(s)
Internal: Open all packages, inspect and take additional pictures of all damages. Note: Take extra time to carefully inspect the stone countertop.
Consignee must write “Damage Cartons” or “Missing Cartons”. DO NOT allow the driver to write or sign. The Consignee must write it!
DO NOT write “subject to inspection” because it doesn’t mean anything.
If the driver does not have time to allow inspection, write “Driver does not allow inspection”. Receive a carbon copy from the driver for records. If all boxes are damaged, refuse the freight entirely. Otherwise keep the good contents and only refuse the damaged boxes. This will reduce the number of cartons that’s need to be re-sent. Immediately contact MODERN FITTINGS and notify of t he damages (must be notified within 5 business days)

For Concealed Damage - Damage not visible upon delivery.

Take pictures showing damages to external carton and internal contents: (4 different views required) Immediately contact the carrier and notify the concealed damage (must be notified within 5 business days) Record the carrier representative’s Name, Phone Extension, and Date of contact Immediately contact MODERN FITTINGS and notify of t he damages (must be notified within 5 business days) Keep all original packaging intact (do not discard any packaging cartons/materials) Freight must be available for inspection by the carrier for claims proof purposes

Shortage - Note any missing boxes on the Proof of Delivery Slip and call MODERN FITTINGS.

MODERN FITTINGS will ship freight and file claims on our dealer’s behalf. However, it is the dealer’s responsibility to notify the consignee of the receiving instructions and procedures. MODERN FITTINGS will not be responsible for any damages that are not properly reported. Failure to following the procedure may result in a total loss to the consignee.

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